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Second Class 2019-2020 - Copy

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Message to our First Communion Candidates

Great news for our pupils who will make their First Confession and First Communion this September 2020.

First Confession Wednesday 16th of September at 7.00pm
First Communion Saturday 26th of September at 11.00am and 2.00pm

School Contacts info for Parents/Guardians of Second Class pupils - Please click

Activities for Second Class - W/C 22nd June - Please click

Updated Homework for Second Class - W/C 15th June - Please click

Updated Homework for Second Class - W/C 8th June - Please click

Updated Homework for Second Class - W/C 2nd June - Please click

Updated Homework for Second Class - W/C 25th May - Please click

Photo of the very special Sacred space created in
St. Patricks' Church for our Communion children and their families
this weekend.
Every Communion class child from Rathvilly and Rathmore NS is represented by name on a special stone.
This reminds us all of the preparation and efforts that have been made by so many and especially by the children themselves.
We all very much look forward to the day when we can celebrate First Holy Communion in our parish.

Message for First Holy Communion
children, their families and our school community.

Dear Parents/Guardians,

As you may know, this Sunday 17th of May was meant to be a very special day for the 2nd C
lass pupils of Rathvilly. They had been preparing all year long with their classmates, teacher, families and parish community.

Unfortunately, due to the current circumstances they will not get to receive the Sacrament of the Eucharist on Sunday, but we would like to mark the occasion for them and let them know that we are thinking of them all.

If you have a child who was due to make their First Holy Communion on Sunday, please help them to gather 25 pebbles (or other similar items). Each one to represent the children in their class and the one candidate from Rathmore NS. Place them in a circle on a plate or a dish around your candle. With your child and family present, light your child’s candle at 12 noon on Sunday 17th of May and together say the prayer that your child wrote during the week.

We would also love if other families who did not have a child making First Communion could make a First Communion card, poster or picture to show 2nd class that we are thinking of them and place these in their front windows.
Fr Mc Evoy will remember all our First Holy Communion candidates at Mass this weekend. Please view via webcam at 7.30pm on Saturday or at 11.00am on Sunday on the parish website

As Bishop Nulty said in his message,that even though we cannot see each other we can still keep each other close in our minds and in our hearts. So, let's come together separately and show 2nd class that their special day has not been forgotten about.

Kind regards,    

Staff of St Patricks' NS

Updated Homework for Second Class - W/C 18th May - Please click

Breathe - Relaxation and Self-Regulation exercises for children

Updated Homework for Second Class - W/C 11th May - Please click

Message from Bishop Denis Nulty
First Holy Communion

Everyone in St. Patricks's NS is very aware that we are entering the ‘high season’ for First Holy Communion ceremonies and our own very special Second Class should be making the final preparations for this important occasion right now. Unfortunately, as we all know this ceremony has been postponed which is understandably very disappointing for all involved.
In this regard Bishop Nulty has reached out to all the children and their families in the video link below for you to view at your leisure.  
There are also scome suggested home and parish activities on the links below.

Please be assured that we are thinking of you all and look forward to the day when we can help celebrate this special occasion in your lives.

Updated Homework for Second Class - W/C 5th May - Please click

Updated Homework for Second Class - W/C 27th April - Please click

At home with Weaving Wellbeing Journal for 2nd Class

Updated Homework for Second Class - 29th March - Please click

2nd Class Homework.

• Read At Home pgs 82 – 90
Answer the questions in blue copy after each text
• Grammar Book pgs 48 – 52
• Green Genie pgs 48 – 55
• Keep a Daily Diary
• Read other books

• Planet Maths pgs 71,72,73,74,75,87,88,92,104,105
• Tables +7,8,9,10,11,12 and -7,8,9,10,11,12

• Small World pg, 58,59,61,62,83,84,72
• Thumb book pgs 40,42,49,55,56,57,58,59

Learn the following Prayers:

Thumb book  -  Gloria pg 32.  Sanctus pg 36.  Agnus Dei pg 38.


Do a mini project on one of the following (information/drawings/models).
Present it on a piece of paper/card.
Choose from:  Stone Age People or The Vikings or The Normans or The Bronze Age People.
Use as a resource.

Second Class celebrated World Book Day with lots of reading and some of the children even dressed up as their favourite characters. It's so wonderful to see the childrens' love of reading which is nurtured very carefully in St. Patricks' NS.

We would really like to welcome our new pupil Emanuel Teaca to our school and hope he enjoys all the fun and learning in 2nd Class.

Reading Buddies continues this year. Every Monday and Wednesday, 6th class pupils read with their selected Junior Buddy. Once again, it is proving to be a popular and beneficial exercise for all! Some of the pupils are pictured participating below.

For art lesson, we looked at lines and shapes in buildings and how they connect. We then drew a design of our own Incredible Tree House These are some of our amazing designs!!


We have each designed and coloured a Christmas card It will be professionally printed with our names on the back of the card. We can keep our printed cards and if we wish, we can buy a pack of our cards to send at Christmas! This is a fundraising project for our school and one we will enjoy!

Congratulations to Leona Kelly ( 1st prize) and Ted Healy (2nd prize) for growing the tallest sunflowers in this  county competition. Leona and Ted were presented with a plaque and gift voucher for Ken Black's Toy Store!! This is Leona's second time to scoop first prize in this competition!! What is her secret to growing the tallest sunflower??

We are very fortunate to have Bobby Fossett teaching us how to make colourful art pieces using wool and fabric. She works with us in small groups for an hour each Tuesday. This will continue for the next 5 weeks. It is really enjoyable and check out the crafts we have made.


We were put into small groups to plan and design a wrapper for a new chocolate bar. We followed a rubric/ plan for the information we wanted to put on the wrapper. We also had to plan the design of the wrapper with the name of bar. We learned how to work together as a team, respect everyone's point of view and resolve problems.

Tree Day - Thursday, 6th October.
For Tree Day, we discussed popular trees growing in our community. We then divided these into native and non- native groups. We then researched a chosen tree. Here are some interesting facts

Ash wood is used for making whiskey, brandy and wine barrels!
It produces an oil like olive oil.
Cows, goats and rabbits like to eat the leaves and branches of the ash tree
Bullfinches eats the ash seeds
Woodpeckers and owl’s nest in the ash tree.

This is a native tree and it can grow 2 to 3 feet in a year
It has green prickly leaves and red berries in winter.
It is used to decorate our houses at Christmas

A native tree
Leaves grow in clusters
Willow is used to make baskets as it is very flexible.

Oaks can live up to hundreds of years old.
Acorns are the fruit of the tree.
Oak appeared on our planet 65 million years ago!
There are 600 species of Oak


It is also known as 'The Fairy Tree'
The berries were used in the past to make jelly
It is a thorny tree.
The berries ripen in October and November.
The tree blossoms in May and attracts butterflies and other insects.

2nd Class Artwork 2019-2020

Some 6th and 2nd Class pupil  pictured participating in our "Reading Buddies" Programme.

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